Call the Police

If you arrive home and notice your home has been broken into, do not go inside.  Go to a neighbors house or back to the safety of your car and call the police.  It is possible the offenders are still in the home and you do not know what you would be walking into.  Also the case against them is stronger if the police are able to catch them in action.

Don’t Be a Hero

If you see them come out of the house, do not confront them.  Jot down any license plate numbers you see unfamiliar cars in the area.  If you see the perpetrators try to remember what they look like, but do not approach them.

Don’t Disturb Evidence

If you are already in the house when you realize something has happened, leave immediately if there is a possibility they are still in the house and call the police.  Don’t touch anything if you can help it. If you are sure the house is secure then start making a list of anything you notice missing from your home. Make sure you file a police report whether you are missing items or not.

Call Your Insurance Company

Your home owners insurance will most likely cover the expense of missing or damaged property.  You will most likely need to provide them with a copy of the police report so make sure you have listed all items of value.

Tell Your Neighbors

Warn your neighbors of the violation.  It is not uncommon for would-be robbers to hit several houses in the same area.

Secure Your Home

Have broken locks, windows, or doors repaired as soon as possible.  If you are considering a home security system in the Louisville, KY area call the experts in home security at Hawkeye Security and Electronics.

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