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Residential Environmental Detection

The Whip Air Conditioner Tamper Detector
Copper is a hot commodity in these times of economic stress, as a result more and more thieves are resorting to stealing from air conditioning units. If you have an alarm system, why not have protection on your central air unit as well as your home? With “The Whip”, by Hawkeye Security and Electronics, you can now protect one of your homes most precious commodities. Installation is simple and once installed, it monitors the pressure inside of the refrigerant lines and coils of the air conditioner system. When the refrigerant line is cut (e.g. by a thief) and the pressure drops to 5psi or less, the internal contact of the TW-8100 opens to create an alarm condition on the electronic security system.

Sump Pump
Hawkeye Security and Electronics’ water-sensing alarm offers protection against leaks and water damage due to plumbing failures around the home or office. The water sensing cable detects water on entire length of cable. The cable is placed in spots where you do not usually observe such as water heaters, sump pumps, under sinks, toilets, behind washing machines and dishwashers. This unit also gives off a chirp sound when the battery is low.

Commercial Environmental Detection

Temperature Protection
Trying to keep your cool? We also offer temperature monitors for restaurant coolers or IT server rooms. When using the T280R temperature probe with the 5821 wireless sensor, you can monitor the temperature of refrigerators and freezers in restaurants, kitchens, laboratories and warehouses where cold temperature is critical. The T280R is also ideal for wine cellars, flower shops and butcher shops. The 5821 wireless temperature sensor can be programmed for either freezing temperature monitoring or refrigerator temperature monitoring when using the T280R temperature probe.

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