Cellular and Internet communicators


The standard communication method for security systems has long been standard telephone lines.

Recent technology breakthroughs have allowed more options for communications.

Honeywell Alarmnet GSM with the Honeywell Alarmnet service, your system can communicate via cellular signals and/or internet. This advanced service may be utilized as a backup to traditional telephone line communication, or as a primary communication. Either way, we can assure you of the fastest and most reliable communication to the central monitoring station.Total Connect utilizes your cellular/Internet communication device for to allow you to take advantage of all of the amazing benefits next-generation digital technology can provide—helping you strengthen bonds, enhance communication and stay connected to your property and the people you care about most … giving you the protection and peace of mind you deserve. It’s never been a better time to get connected!

Total connect service includes the following features:

  • Interactive smart-phone application for system control
  • Interactive computer interface including history logging
  • Interactive management of multiple user codes at multiple locations
  • Automatic email / text message alerts of system events
  • control of system via text messaging
  • Integration for control of lights, thermostats, garage doors, etc…

To All Insight/Spectrum Customers:
As of February 2013 we have received multiple requests from our customers to verify the compatibility of Insight Phones 2.0 with their alarm systems. We have been working successfully with Insight Phones 2.0 since 2007. Because of many recent inquiries we have spoken with Insight Technical Support. We have been informed that they have made no changes, nor do they plan to make any changes.  In the future Insight will be margining with Time Warner. At that point we are unaware of what will happen with this process, and cannot guarantee what will happen with phone and alarm compatibility in the future.

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