Sensors: Burglary

The first line of defense is the door and window sensors. We typically install a style that recesses completely into the door jamb. These are maintenance free, virtually invisible, and extremely reliable.

The We include motion sensors to protect the interior of the home as our final line of defense. These sensors have up to a 50′ range and are rated for pet immunity up to 80 pounds. That means that your burglar alarm system can tell the difference between an intruder and your family pet. We typically recommend one sensor per floor as a “man trap”. We also have sensors for harsh environments, particularly those that are not temperature controlled such as garages and warehouses.

The FG1625 glass-breakage sensor detects the sound of breaking glass even before an intruder enters your home. This sensor is available in a several mounting options to completely blend cosmetically. These sensors actively listen for various sound criteria to detect a broken window while ignoring an accidental plate dropped on a tile floor.

Every system that we install is customized for the exact needs of the home or business. We have a wide variety of specialty sensors to meet the challenges of all of your protection needs.

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