App control of security and automation

With our newest home control systems, it is common to have remote control of the system via smart-phone or tablet either from the next room or across the world. Features include:

  • Interactive smart-phone application for system control
  • Interactive computer interface including history logging
  • Interactive management of multiple user codes at multiple locations
  • Automatic email / text message alerts of system events
  • control of system via text messaging
  • Integration for control of lights, thermostats, garage doors, etc…

Home automation devices using Z-wave let you take control of the systems in your home and even set automation scenes. For example, when you leave the house, the lights can turn off after 2 minutes and the thermostat can go into an energy savings mode. When you come home, you never walk into a dark house and your temperature is always comfortable. The system can even close the garage door if left open more than an hour; or closed after dark automatically.

The TotalConnect system can alert you if you leave home, meaning outside a geofence that you specify, with the security system disabled. TotalConnect also lets business owners integrate vehicle GPS into a single asset management app for security and vehicle an asset location.

Home control systems have never been easier to manage. To find out more contact Hawkeye today!


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