Central Vacuum Systems

Honeywell Central Vacuum Systems

Why Honeywell Central Vacuum? A Honeywell Central Vacuum Cleaning System features a high-powered motor and Triumph® HEPA Filtration. This combined with its closed system design, allows the Honeywell system to collect and remove 100% of contacted pollutants and allergens, such as dirt, dust, pollen, mites, animal dander, and debris from the living area, unlike conventional vacuum cleaners.

The Central Vacuum ports installed by Hawkeye Security and Electronics are strategically placed 700 – 800 square feet apart, giving you more cleaning coverage. And the canister, which is installed in your garage can store thousands of square feet in dust and particles, meaning you’ll be spending less time emptying the canister.

Home Central Vacuum Cleaner Systems provide the following benefits over traditional vacuum cleaners:

  • More cleaning power
  • Easier to use – no heavy vacuum motor to carry
  • Easier to use – Our dustpan allows you to sweep dirt into the wall rather than bending over with a traditional dustpan.
  • Better health – dust and dirt is sucked out of the house
  • Better health – Traditional bag vacuums fill the room with dust and other allergens
  • Quieter – vacuum motor installed in the garage  where you can’t hear it

For more information about Honeywell Central Vacuum cleaner systems or to schedule an installation, contact us today!

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