Flat Panel TV Installation


Hawkeye Custom Electronics specializes in Flat Panel TV installation. We can provide a service as simple as mounting your flat panel to the wall. We can also enhance the installation by running high-definition video cables to your components such as Cable TV box, Satellite box, or DVD player. We pride ourselves on installing a clean finished product by remotely locating components out of sight. And don’t worry, we’ll make sure that your remote control still works and the system is easy to use. The new Ultra-Definition, or 4K TVs are ultra sleek, but require proper installation to get the most out of them. We can send HDMI signals including control over long distances on a category5/6 cable using HDbaseT technology.


One of the latest trends is to install a TV and speakers outdoors. Hawkeye Security and Electronics will custom design the installation of a television and speakers to enhance your outdoor living space.

Flat Panel TV InstallationVISIONART

Would you like to mount a TV over your fire place without it becoming the centerpiece of your room? With VisionArt, a motorized high-quality custom painting will cover your TV when it is not in use. We also have installations with 2-way mirrors over a TV to hide it when not in use.

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