Universal Remote Controllers

The most important part of any audio/video system is the interface that allows the owner to interact with it, specifically the remote control. We believe strongly that universal remote controllers must make the system easy to use.

Standard vs Universal Remote Controllers

By using standard remote controls, you may have to perform a series of functions to do a simple activity like watching TV: turn on the TV, set the proper video input, turn on the cable TV box, turn on the sound system, set the proper audio input, etc….We offer universal remote controls that can perform macro functions so that a single button press does it all for you. It is so easy that a child can use it, but more importantly, your grandmother could too.

We can offer Infra-Red repeater systems so that a standard remote can control components that are out of sight. These universal remote controls also offer RF communication so that you don’t have to point the remote at the components that you want to control.

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Universal Remote Controllers have many options
Universal Remote Controller in stand
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