Sound Distribution / Whole House Audio Video Systems

Hawkeye Security and Electronics carries the highest quality products for sound distribution and our installation professionals are experts in finding the right sound distribution channels for your home.

Sound Distribution

Sound distribution through audio visual design is the way of the future. By wiring your home for this feature, you will have the ability to listen to music throughout the home from individually controlled speakers. Imagine having sound and control at your fingertips whether you are getting ready in the morning in the bathroom, entertaining guests for a house party, or lounging on the back deck or by the pool. The home audio video system can even be configured to distribute video sources to match your sound sources. This allows you to hide those black boxes (BluRay players, Streaming boxes, cable TV /Satellite boxes) and listen and view them from remote rooms. Audio sources that may be listened to typically include the following:

  • Audio from cable/satellite/BluRay/etc…
  • Streaming services such as Pandora, Spotify, SiriusXM, Internet radio, and others
  • Integrated AM/FM tuner
  • Streaming music directly from your phone or tablet
  • Additional sources such as CD players or most anything else.

SONOS App based control systems alow you to have complete control of all the music on earth in any room of your home. We can provide WiFi enabled speakers, or a WiFi enabled amplifier that connects to traditional recessed speakers for the ultimate in convenience, performance, and cosmetics

High-current receivers can allow a single stereo receiver to power multiple rooms of sound. This single zone configuration includes volume controls in each room to control the volume for each area independently. As with all of our solutions, all you need is a local WiFi connection to control the system through the app on your phone or tablet. These audio video systems also make the integration of video sources mentioned above seamless. The Integra receiver we typically use also supports a 2nd zone output for rooms that may want to have a separate source.

Multi-zone systems allow full flexibility in selecting any source in any area of the home. These can also be enhanced to integrate with other subsystems including controlling sources (cable/satellite boxes) and video displays through a single app. The integration can go one step further with the Elan home automation system to connect home automation features with your media. When appropriate, we can also have a collection of video sources shared across multiple rooms using a video Matrix from Wyrestorm. We can send HDMI signals including control over long distances on a category5/6 cable using HDbaseT technology.

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