Have you ever stopped to really think about why an investment of a security system is something to consider for your family? We have a list of 3 reasons (just off of the top of our heads) that a home security system is worth it!

1. You will (likely) save money
I know this seems a little backwards since you are paying a monthly fee for the service, but hear me out. Your insurance premium for your homeowners insurance will go down as a result of this addition. Check with your agent to find out how big of a savings you will enjoy! In some cases the savings could off set the monitoring cost.

2. Your pet isn’t a good security system
Unless you are training your dog to be a mean dog (in which case we need to chat later) then chances are Fido isn’t going to protect your house very well. Don’t get me wrong, my dog barks at other people walking down the sidewalk, but she likes treats a lot. Burglars are smart and I wouldn’t put it past them to know that you have a dog, and prepare accordingly.

3. It will keep your family safe
Yes I realize that this is a given, but hear me out. The security system can be monitored by police and fire. Say it is a stormy evening, and lightening strikes your house. If you have fire monitoring, chances are that the security system will detect the smoke first and call the fire department before you could get to it. Minutes make a huge difference!

There are so many reasons that could be the deciding factor for you and your family. No matter the question that you and your family might have don’t hesitate to call us with questions. They are watching, we are they. Hawkeye Security and Electronics


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