When configuring a DVR for smart-phone access, it is important to configure TWO sites per location.

It sounds weird, here is the explanation:

When the you accesses the system from off site, through the Internet, you will use the DDNS name (ex:system.everfocusddns.com).

When they are on the same Local Area Network (LAN) as the DVR, the DDNS address will attempt to go out through the router, to the internet, and back in through the router to the DVR. This confuses many DVRs and is problematic at best. When they are on the local WiFi network, they must the local static IP address (ex:

So you will have TWO sites configured in the smart-phone: Local and remote. This can be distinguished in the “Name” field, which is user-friendly text and has nothing to do with the actual connection. They will have all the same settings except the URL.

By the way, to avoid confusion, delete the Everfocus demo sites when you load the app.

These weekly tech tips are intended to provide insights to small nuances to help with many different products we offer. It is the small attention to detail that separates an outstanding job from an OK one. Although these apply primarily to technicians, they will help others gain insight to what the technicians do – in small doses.

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