Some of you have asked about our third party CMS response times. So here they are from the past few years. 

fast2012 Total Telephone Calls:  1,648,680

2012 Total Telephone Calls over 60 second hold:  21

2013 Total Telephone Calls:  1,653,877

2013 Total Telephone Calls over 60 second hold:  38


“Typical” response times year to date – Under 23-seconds.



So to summarize, of over a 3 million calls including tech support and customer service, they had less than 60 calls with over a 1-minute wait time in a 2-year period. They are pretty crazy fast.



These tech tips are intended to provide insights to small nuances to help with many different products we offer. It is the small attention to detail that separates an outstanding job from an OK one. Although these apply primarily to technicians, they will help others gain insight to what the technicians do – in small doses

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