1. Keep their hands clean – Hand washing is habit that we teach kids when we potty train, but then soon forget.  I still have to tell my teenager to go wash his hands! He would never wash them before eating if I didn’t tell him to.  With hand washing it is important to remind, remind, remind, until it becomes second nature.

2. Get the flu vaccine – While the flu vaccine does not guarantee you won’t get the flu, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says the vaccine can reduce the risk of getting it by 40% – 60%.

3. Remind them not to touch their face – This is a tough one as well, many kids tend to put their fingers in their mouth, whether it be a thumb-sucking toddler, or a fingernail-biting teenager.  This is probably the one habit that is the most dangerous when it comes to passing germs.

4. Teach them to not touch everything – Kids touch everything!  When in public places, help them remember to not touch everything by putting their hands in their pockets or at their sides.

5. Don’t let them share drinks and food – I don’t think twice about giving my child a drink out of my drink or a bite off my fork, but it’s probably not a good idea during cold and flu season.  Don’t listen to the, “I’m not sick” promise.

6. Get moving – Physical activity is important for strengthening children’s immune systems and helping their bodies fight off infections.

Photo by >Jennifer Murray from Pexels

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