In our over-scheduled world sometimes simple is better. When it comes to summer fun with the kids simple is always better!

Here are some ideas for keeping your kids busy while they are out of school, with out a tremendous amount of planning.

  • Host a neighborhood water-gun fight!
  • 2 words: Water Balloons
  • Grab a huge piece of plastic and make your own slip and slide, don’t forget the dish soap.
  • Take a hike, in the woods of course. Even on the hottest of summer days the shade of the trees keeps things pleasant.
  • Go on a picnic. Pack a basket with sandwiches and head to the park. You don’t even have to have food from home, swing thru the drive thru no judgement here!
  • Younger kids love going on a neighborhood ‘treasure hunt’, create a list of things for them to find while you are walking around the neighborhood!

These are just a few ideas off the top of our heads, don’t try to over complicate summer after all, the rush of the school year will start up before you know it!


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