It can be intimidating when moving to a new place especially when it’s your FIRST home; new people, new surroundings, and a lot of unknown. Most importantly, there is a lot of excitement. Don’t let the excitement interfere with what is most important though- security and safety. The first things you should do to keep you safe when moving into your new home are listed below.

Meet Your Neighbors

First and foremost, introduce yourself to your neighbors. Your neighbors to your right, left, diagonal, behind and across. Once you’re familiar with each other and have some sort of relationship, they are more likely to make you aware if anything suspicious happens. They are the best source of information whenever you’re in need.

Research Local Crime Info

Even though this step should have happened before your final decision, it’s better late than never. Or maybe you had no other options when moving and so this step never really crossed your mind, but it is important.,, and are all great sources to check out when searching for crime in your new area.

Change & Check Locks

When moving into a new place, it’s hard not to think about the others who have lived there and if there are multiple keys roaming around. So to ease your mind, changing the locks is probably the best route to go. This also includes your windows as well if they have certain type locks that could have a key. ‘It’d rather be safe than sorry’ is always a great motto.

Outside Landscape

Keep your outside landscape clean and make sure all bushes and trees are trimmed. This allows thieves/robbers a good place to hide from neighbors and even yourself while trying to get in. Be sure that your doors and windows are visible to anyone who is across the street. A well kept house and harder to rob image are both deterrents to criminals.

Install Security System

And last, but certainly not least is to install a security system. We here at Hawkeye Security have your safety in mind in everything we do. Our systems are designed to give you the greatest protection possible while being easy to use and combining convenience features into the operation.

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