sliding glass doorSliding doors, also known as French doors are a very popular rear entrance that we see on many homes. A lot of customers want to know the best way to secure them. The best deterrent is of course a security system with motion detectors but we always say that if a criminal has the right tools, has enough time and doesn’t care how much noise and commotion he is causing, there isn’t much that you can do to stop him. We of course want him to get caught in the process or sees the alarm signs and moves on!

Standard French Doors are simply those that have two doors that can both be opened, even though one is generally always in the fixed position. The Fixed French Door is one that has a door that is permanently installed and cannot be opened. There are kits out there that have hinge guards and ones that are “stoppers” that will prevent the door from actually sliding open. The main purpose of securing your door should be to prevent someone from kicking the doors and destroying the wooden that surrounds the lock set and the lock throws. The wood is what fails every time.

We also highly recommend that you have a KEYED deadbolt. And never leave your key in the deadbolt! A robber can just break the glass and turn the key. Instead hang it up somewhere easily accessible.  Then it  is easy for you to find in an emergency but impossible for the criminal to reach through your door. This also applies to any entry door that has glass inserts or sidelites.

Another way to secure your French and Double Doors is to install Security Window Film. Security Window Film is easily applied and holds your glass together when someone tries to break it. Security Window Film makes it much more difficult for a criminal to enter your home.


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