Reason #3 – To get a Discount on your Home Insurance

On top of being a burglar-deterrent, installing a home security system could also help lower the premium on your home insurance – and by a pretty penny at that.

houseburglarySome companies may cut your premiums by as much as 15 or 20 percent if you install a sophisticated sprinkler system and a fire and burglar alarm that rings at the police, fire or other monitoring stations, according to a homeowner’s insurance article published by the Insurance Information Institute.


Why are home insurance companies willing to offer these huge discounts?

When you install a home security system, it makes it less likely that someone will be able to break into your home. That makes insurance companies happy and realize that there’s less of a chance they will have to cover your losses due to a home invasion.

Essentially, when you install a home security system, you are less of a risk for your insurer. Call yours today to see what discounts you can get. And if you don’t already have a security system call us today! 812-284-3200.


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