We’ve all experienced it at least once in our lives. Hauling a vacuum cleaner up and down stairs. Trying to navigate under and around furniture. Looking back at what you have accomplished and it turns out it isn’t that much. Worst of all, finding ourselves back at the stores every few years to purchase yet another vacuum cleaner because the old one fell apart.

centralvacInstalling a central vacuum system is the answer to all these complaints. Why, then, don’t more people have one? In a word, profit. The truth is, even though central vacuums are superior to regular vacuums, big name central vacuum manufacturers can make more money selling portable vacuum cleaners at more regular intervals than selling their central vacuum systems. These manufacturers have the money to nationally advertise central vacuums, but they choose not to.

If you’re like most homeowners, you’re probably not too familiar with central vacuum systems.  You probably think they are really expensive or they can only be installed in a new house. Some people mistakenly believe that installing a centralized system in a pre-existing home will cause property damage, but this is not true. Be sure to check  our Facebook postings in the next few weeks to see the 7  simple reasons why you should consider installing a central vacuum system in your home.




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