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Hawkeye Security and Electronics provides the best Louisville Security Systems out there, plain and simple.  From alarm monitoring to surveillance cameras, we have it all.

Hawkeye services the Louisville Metro Area and Southern Indiana with top quality surveillance systems alarm monitoring, surveillance cameras, and electrical wiring. We’re the only Louisville-area electronics company that combines the reliability of national monitoring service with the personal attention that only a local service company can provide.  This gives us a unique niche and once you try us, you’ll never trust anyone else with your security needs.

Louisville Security Systems – Customized

Every building, whether commercial or residential, is different. It has different needs based on its construction and vulnerabilities, not to mention the level of security the owner would like to install.

Rather than selling a cookie-cutter system to every customer, Hawkeye Security and Electronics takes it to the next level. We take the extra effort to design a custom system that meets all your needs. This can include door/window protection, motion detection, glass breakage sensors, fire protection, Carbon Monoxide alerts, and flood notification.

And hey, while we’re wiring up all these security features, why not install an automated lighting system that turns lights on when you walk into your house and turns them all off when you leave? You could save hundreds in electrical bills! Plus, our Louisville Security Systems are modular; they can be expanded with more features or to more areas at any point in the future.

Commercial CCTV

If you’re a commercial customer, we can install an Ademco CCTV system in your building. These state-of-the-art products utterly eclipse the old systems. You may be familiar with the old way of recording security video onto a time-lapse VCR, but you have to remember to change the tape. VHS tapes haven’t proven to age very well either with the magnetized film slowly corrupting as it’s exposed to the elements.

This new technology records onto a hard drive. Nowadays, you can easily and cheaply obtain hard drives in the Terabytes (1 Terabyte equals 1000 Gigabytes). This can record tens of thousands of times longer than a tape, and a hard drive doesn’t wear out.

In addition, hard drive footage can be parsed easily, in other words you can instantly zip from one spot in the video to another spot hours or even days later. There’s even remote viewing software you can install on your computer, so from anywhere in the world, you can log into the internet and view your security feed, both live and archived! Isn’t it time you upgraded?

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