You have probably been seeing all the reports about violent crime in popular travel destinations, especially Dominican Republic.  Many of the Caribbean islands because of these reputations are offering stellar vacation deals to drawl people while others are being scared off.  If you are thinking about a Caribbean vacation in the wake of recent reports, here are some helpful tips to keep you and your family safe.

  1. Check the travel warnings issued by the U.S. Government.
  2. Research the crime statistics and don’t do that on a travel website.
  3. Before leaving your resort ask the hotel concierge for areas to avoid and other safety tips.
  4. Never leave valuables in your rental car, most rental cars are easy to identify.
  5. Leave your valuables, like jewelry at home and make use of the in-room safe.
  6. Be especially vigilant if you attend parties where alcohol, tourists, and locals mix.
  7. Don’t buy drugs. Obviously we hope you aren’t buying drugs in the U.S. either, but purchasing in another country can be risky.  You don’t know if that person and the last people you want to be associating within the Caribbean are drug dealers.
  8. Don’t wander the beach alone, especially at night and always have a cell phone with you.
  9. Make sure your hotel room door is locked and bolted at night.
  10. Stay in a hotel or gated community with efficient night lighting and security.
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