There are several reasons that homeowners might want outdoor lighting, the most important is for security. A well-lit home can discourage potential intruders, minimize hiding spots, and increase your overall sense of safety.

When choosing lights for the outside of your home think about ascetics as well as effectiveness.  For example, where flood lights are great deterrents of trespassing, they don’t look very good on the front of the house.   Floodlights are commonly found near the garage door or back porch.  Mounted luminary lights are common for the front of door area and lampposts look great near the driveway.  Landscape lighting and step lights also look great out front and put out enough light to deter trespassing.  For the most effective lighting plan make sure that some kind of lighting is present above doorways, backyard gathering areas, and near landscaping, especially full bushes and trees.

Floodlights are usually motion-sensored, while other types of lights often use pre-set schedules to turn on at certain times of the evening.  More sophisticated lighting can send you instant notifications on your smartphone if motion is detected.

If you have questions or concerns about placement, work with your security vendor to discuss your unique outdoor lighting needs.  In Louisville, KY and Southern Indiana call Hawkeye Security for all your home security needs.

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