The holiday’s are rapidly approaching, which means so is the rise of home break-ins. It is sad that the two tend to go hand in hand but people tend to get desperate during the holidays.

We have listed below some simple steps to take to help keep yourself safe:

Don’t advertise your recent purchases.
Did you recently purchase a sweet new TV? Leaving the huge box by the curb for trash day is like an open invitation for would be thieves to come take your new    item.

Don’t leave a spare key out.
Yes, this seems simple, but hear me out. Are you expecting your neighbor to come and check on your cat? Perhaps your mom is picking up  your kids from      school and watching them in your home. Don’t leave your key in the mailbox or under the mat. Those places are the first spots thieves look, when hunting for keys. Place your key in a predetermined spot that isn’t obvious to others.

Close your windows!
The fall and spring are fantastic times of the year to enjoy a breeze in your home. Just be sure to shut and lock your windows when you leave. Nothing says ‘come in’ to a burglar quite like an open window.

Light it up!
Investing in some high quality (and attractive) lights on the exterior of your home will not only increase curb appeal but deter criminals. A thief is less likely to break in to a home with a spotlight on him!

Hawkeye Security would love to be your partner in home security. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation please give us a call!

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