One of the many trend homeowners are getting more and more interested in is home automation. In fact, more than half of respondents to the 2014 State of the Smart Home survey estimated that within the next 10 years home owners will be able to use a single remote to control their entire house. (This survey was commissioned by Icontrol Networks, a smart-home technology software and services company.)

LivingroomautomationSo imagine coming home from a long day’s work. You open the door, and the light’s immediately turn on to a preset dim– just the way you like it.Your TV turns on to your favorite program at just as your refrigerator reminds you that there are leftovers ready to be warmed up.  After your show is show is finished you see a second notification that informs you that you’ve forgotten to activate your security system, but that it has been done for you. You silently marvel at how simple life has become as you head up to bed.

That futuristic life can be your reality and Hawkeye can help you get there.

Hawkeye Security and Electronics and Elan g! can integrate all of your electronics into an easy to use home control system. The ELAN g! keypad can be as simple or as extensive as you want and is easily expandable to meet your changing needs. With g!, Hawkeye Security and Electronics can add your favorite media sources into one, easy-to-use interface that can be installed into handheld remotes, tabletop or in-wall touchpads, and even on your iPhone or iPad.

Elan g! also puts you in control of your home so that it is comfortable, smart and safe. From climate and lighting control, to video surveillance and security g! has you covered. We can even integrate features that automate your irrigation system and your pool!

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