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Commercial Security

Our current climate has forced businesses to operate in ways they never have before.

If your employees are working from home, have returned, or never left your business, the need to protect your staff and investment is now more important than ever.

Hawkeye Security and Electronics knows a great commercial security system focuses on DETECTION and NOTIFICATION. We’ll design a system just for your business, that will give you confidence that no one is entering your business without your knowledge.

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Access Control

It may be a customer, employee, or unwelcome visitor trying to enter your business, but with a commercial security access control system, you have total control over who can enter your building at all times.
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Commercial Security Camera Systems

Commercial security camera systems serve multiple purposes. A visible security camera can often deter illegal activity as the criminal will move on to an easier target. A hidden security camera will allow you to detect an intruder and deal with them before they can do more damage. Finally, our cameras can provide high-definition wired or wireless low-light documentation of your business and give you peace of mind.

Commercial Fire Products

Smoke Detectors, HVAC interface, sprinkler system monitoring, manual pulls stations at exit doors, and notification devices (Horn/Strobe Units) detect the non-human threat to your business. A fire is a risk to both life and business, but early detection can often help prevent or reduce damage.

Fully Integrated Commercial Security Systems

When possible integrating the recommendations above will make each system even more effective than it would be by itself. You know your business. We know security and electronics. Let us recommend a total commercial security system for your new or existing business today.
Why Hawkeye?
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Customer service from our office staff including scheduling, remote program changes, operation and billing questions.
Our UL Listed central monitoring stations provide the finest alarm monitoring service in the industry
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