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Watching even when you can’t.

Security Camera

Monitoring when you can and recording when you can’t.

Hawkeye Security and Electronics knows most security systems are more effective with cameras. We’ll design a system for your home or business, that will allow you to monitor at your convenience and be recording while you’re away.

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Visible or Hidden Security Cameras

A visible security camera can often deter illegal activity as the criminal will move on to an easier target. A hidden security camera will allow you to detect an intruder and deal with them before they can do more damage.

Remote Access

Our IP cameras present a crystal clear HD image that you can access remotely from anywhere at any time with an Internet connection. Watch live or playback recorded captures on your phone, tablet or PC.

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High Quality Images (Even in Low-Light)

Don’t end up with grainy low-resolution video that’s useless. Our cameras use special software to make images more vibrant in low-light and infrared to produce bright images even in near-total darkness.

Fully Integrated Security Systems

When possible integrating cameras into a security system makes each part of the system even more effective. We know security and electronics. Let us recommend a total residential or commercial security camera system for you today.

Why Hawkeye?
Professional installation by our employees,
not sub-contractors.
Customer service from our office staff including scheduling, remote program changes, operation and billing questions.
Our UL Listed central monitoring stations provide the finest alarm monitoring service in the industry
Proud to be named Small Business of the year by 1SI Chamber of Commerce

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