Hawkeye Security and Electronics is committed to keeping you safe at home with our residential security systems. However, we are also committed to keeping you safe in the workplace. We provide a variety of different commercial security products that will keep your building secure and safe. One of our best products for commercial security are our CCTV camera systems.

A CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) system is a camera system that is set up in your building, or home, and will monitor and record the activity going on in the area. Our CCTV systems’ standard features include the option to record to a hard-drive or DVD, professional installation and set-up, remote viewing via computer or smart phone, and secure viewing for multiple viewers simultaneously. Additionally, these cameras have a discrete and and unobstructed style that will not effect the style of the building.

CCTV camera systems can be used in a number of ways. These cameras typically run throughout the day and can help you keep unwanted personnel out of a private building. They can also be used in retail locations as a way to deter shoplifters, and will provide you with video footage if you suspect that there has been theft in your store.

Our CCTV camera systems are a great way to provide security and peace of mind to your commercial space and Hawkeye is experienced installation, programming, and will provide support, when needed. If you are interested in learning more about our commercial security systems, give us a call today at (502)276-7874.


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