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The winter season is in full swing, and the Louisville area has already seen some snow and ice. If you’re already thinking about the possibility of the next winter storm, you’re probably concerned about driving on the roads with snowy and icy  conditions. We’re here with a list of winter driving safety tips to help you prepare for the next snowfall and keep you and your family safe.

  1. Take It Slow: When traveling on snowy and icy roads, it is important to move at a much slower pace than you normally would. Accelerate and decelerate slowly and take extra time when stopping and making turns.
  2. Avoid Stopping when Unnecessary: Avoid coming to a complete stop unless it is absolutely necessary. It is much more difficult to accelerate from a complete stop and can cause your tires to spin.
  3. Don’t Power-Up Hills: Applying extra gas can cause your tires to spin in place. The safest way to travel uphill is to apply just enough gas to make sure that you make it to the top of the hill safely, even if you have to move much slower than you normally would. Once you reach the top of the hill reduce your speed to travel downhill safely.
  4. Leave Extra Distance: When the roads are slick from ice and snow it is important to leave more space between you and the cars around you. A safe following distance should be increased from 3-4 seconds to 8-10 second when the roads are affected by snow and ice.
  5. Do Not Use Cruise Control: If the roads seem slippery, do not use the cruise control feature.
  6. Maintain Car Maintenance: If possible, have your car tuned-up prior to the next possible winter storm. Most importantly, check your fluids, tires, and brakes to make sure they are in good working condition. Additionally, always keep at least a half a tank of gas in your car during the winter season.
  7. Avoid Driving: If the roads become icy and more dangerous, it is best to stay home, if possible.

Are you hoping for more snow this winter season? Or, are you already wishing for spring? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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