Heading out on a summer vacation? Here’s our top 6 tips on how to leave your home for the week and be worry-free.
1. This may seem like a simple and obvious step to take when you’re going out of town, but always lock all doors and the garage when you leave.
2. Stop your mail delivery or arrange for someone to pick it up everyday. Having mail stacking up in your mailbox can be a sign to others that you are not home.
3. Keep your blinds open, if you normally do. Closing your blinds can look suspicious if you normally have them open during the day.
4. Set your electronics on an automatic timer. For example, having your porch lights come on every night is a great way to make it look like someone is in the house.
5. Keep all of your valuables in a safe. Move items that you may not normally keep in the safe to the safe for the time you are gone, just in case of a break in.
6. Beware of social media. Posting that you are going to be out of town on social media can alert others that your home will not be occupied and puts you at risk for a break-in.
Follow these 6 easy tips so you can have a worry-free summer vacation!
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