Each month , the BIAL puts out their award winning Louisville Builder Magazine. The editorial focus rotates each month and in January the focus was on Technology. Our very own AV Specialist, Tony Atherton was recently interviewed by Nancy Miller for this edition of the Louisville Builder Magazine. Security is leading the way with technology but there are some pretty cool advancements happening in the audio video world. Here’s a little of what Tony had to say about what’s happening on the audio front.

“The interesting thing happening on the audio front is 4K, an emerging high definition technology. Blu-Ray has been the standard for the least few years, but 4K has four time the resolution and is gaining a foothold in the market. It is named after image widths with is about 4,000 pixels.”

dolbyatmos“More exciting for us is in audio, particularly with Doby Atmos, the first official new surround format since 1999. The sound comes from all directions, including overhead, giving clarity, richness, detail and depth. It is the first audio format based on audio objects rather than channels. There can be thousands of combinations. Any sound can exist as an independent audio object, free of channel restrictions. And it can be placed and moved anywhere. We have a demo in our showroom that is pretty impressive. We’re really focusing on Dobly Atmos for media rooms because of the huge difference over previous surround sound formats.”

To speak to Tony more about 4K or to visit our showroom, contact us at 812-284-3200 or just stop by.

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