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The Speco Intensifier series cameras are great cameras – great picture, good night vision, and rugged housings.

Did you know there is a setup menu? Out of the box, they will perform pretty good, but the setup menu allows us to get the most out of them. For example, the Intensifier level generally needs to be cranked up a good amount from factory settings for optimum night vision unless there is a lot of light at night. All of oru technicians are “INSTALLERS”, not “Professional mounters”. Be sure to make the most of the camera by doing a proper configuration. It only takes an extra minute or 2 per camera while you are focusing it.

These tech tips are intended to provide insights to small nuances to help with many different products we offer. It is the small attention to detail that separates an outstanding job from an OK one. Although these apply primarily to technicians, they will help others gain insight to what the technicians do – in small doses.

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