You won't see this in one of our customer's homes!

You won’t see this in one of our customer’s homes!

Lots of times when we enter a customer’s house we realize we will have to remove an old system. When removing any existing components we check to see if it may have been painted. If so,our technicians will use a utility knife to slice the paint around the edges before he takes it down. They are careful not to damage the wall because otherwise, it may peel the paint and dome drywall off. That is a big mess that you the customer and us the technicians do not want to have to deal with.

These tech tips are intended to provide insights to small nuances to help with many different products we offer. It is the small attention to detail that separates an outstanding job from an OK one. Although these apply primarily to technicians, they will help others gain insight to what the technicians do – in small doses.

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