They pick trash…

It might seem extreme but yes, potential burglars DO pick trough your trash. It might seem convenient, but taking your trash out the night before trash day gives the bad guys time to see what you bought last week.

People love to flaunt what they have. They toss the box from a new flat screen out on the curb and even throw bills and statements in the trash. boxbytrashDon’t be those people.  That’s asking to have your identity stolen and tells thieves you’ve got great electronics inside they can sell.DON”t do this. Buy a shredder, then recycle the paper.

Even a new appliance tips off crooks that you have valuables. If you can afford a new high-end washer, what other high-priced things are in your home? At least that is what the thief is thinking.

If you have anything delivered, make sure the company that brings it hauls everything away. The same truck that delivers the new stove should haul away the box and packaging. Or break the box down and put it in your recycling.

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