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Though you may not realize it, overgrown bushes and trees can be an invitation to a burglar. kickingindoor. Anything that obstructs a view or that covers up your security system signs is like a field day for a thief. Large, overgrown bushes (especially near a door or window) are perfect hiding place for the burglar while they work on prying open your window or kicking in your door.

Regularly check to make sure that all security signs are visible and are not been covered up by shrubs or pulled out of the ground by pets or neighborhood children.

Keep in mind t also that large trees and bushes make a burglar’s job easier. The same privacy bushinfrontofwindowthat homeowners seek with large trees and shrubs will aid a burglar. No one is able to see the burglar peering in or climbing through a window. It is the cover they desire and will make them bolder in attempting day time entry. So trimming your bushes and trees will not only deter a thief, it will also make your neighbors happy that you are taking care of your landscaping.

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