The holidays are quite literally right around the corner, and since online shopping has become a bigger phenomenon over the years, so has package theft. Although this a problem throughout the whole year, package thefts do tend to spike during the holiday season. The amount of packages that are shipped increase dramatically and we cannot always control the time of when they arrive. Some could sit outside your door step for more than 8 hours and the only protection is tracking it to see if and when it arrived. Some of these thieves are even known to follow delivery vehicles (UPS, USPS, and FedEx), watching for an opportunity to strike.

The best way to avoid package theft is to try and avoid it; we have some tips for you:

  • If possible ship packages to your place of work. If that isn’t likely, maybe a neighbor is able to accept deliveries on your behalf.
  • Require a signature on all deliveries if you are worried about not being home when something arrives. This will allow that you are home when it is dropped off.
  • Always track your packages. All packages will have a tracking number and you can either track online or call with the number.
  • And lastly, install cameras. Both indoor and outdoor cameras that are facing your front door entrance (or all entrances) could stop a potential package thief. Also consider placing a sign indicating that your property is under surveillance so that all are aware.

These suggestions are actually beneficial throughout the year, so don’t think of door package theft as just a holiday trend.

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