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This July has certainly been a hot one to say the least.  Personally I have thought to myself at least 100 times, “I want a pool.”  Your home owners insurance probably already requires that you have the pool fenced in, but there are other safety and security measures that you should strongly consider if you are thinking of installing a pool.

First you will want to make sure that any children in the home or who are frequent visitors are aware of basic pool safety rules like not getting in the pool until the supervising adult gives the ok. Inexperienced swimmers should be required to use a floatation device unless they are in the pool with an adult.  Make sure to explain if and where it is safe to dive and any rules for the diving board and slide.  If you have inexperienced children in the home and are going to invest in a pool then make it a priority to invest in swim lessons as well.  Whatever you determine the pool rules to be make sure that as the homeowner you are strictly enforcing them.  NEVER leave children unattended in the pool.

As added protection to the typical safety measures you can make use of modern technology.  There are several home security systems that are great for pool areas.  When you install your pool fencing consider using self-locking gates and fencing that is tall enough to make it more difficult for curious children or trespassers to enter. You can also install outdoor video surveillance around the area so that you can monitor who is coming and going when you are not home.  Surveillance is great if, for example, you question your teenagers ability to stay out of the pool when you aren’t home or if you worry about rowdy neighbors when you are on vacation.

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