In the midst of COVID-19 Pandemic there have been many disappointed faces as vacations around the globe get canceled and postponed.  Many of us are now left with travel credits, wondering when it will be safe to vacation again and how will our travel plans differ.  The virus will change not only the way we travel, but most activities outside the home.

1. Invest in travel insurance.  Travel insurance will be more popular than ever as we book future trips. This virus in particular could peak again in the fall or even in early 2021. If you have to back out for medical needs or due to closures, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars.

2. Extended families and friend groups will travel together.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder and after months of being apart families will be eager to be together for quality time with other families.

3. Use of third-party bookings will decrease. While third-party price comparing websites often help you find the best price, they can also make canceling plans very difficult.

4. Vacations in open spaces will gain popularity. It will be some time before many travelers will feel comfortable in crowded, popular destinations like amusement parks and big cities. There is guaranteed to be more camping, hiking, visits to national parks. Travelers will also be more likely to gas up the minivan and hit the road where possible, than to spend time in airports.

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