A home is a beautiful thing and so are the amenities inside.

Home theaters can be one of those great amenities whether it’s big, small, or anything in-between.  There are so many options that can be created with a home theater; from extravagant to laid back, here are some different things to think about as well as options to look into.


When thinking about a home theater there are a lot of things to figure out first. Outlets, lighting, wires, speakers, spacing, viewing area and the list goes on and on.

Outlets- Keep them out of site, behind of the television is ideal.

Lighting- The darker the room is, the better the picture and clarity the screen will be.

Wires- The best of audio wires the better the sound and less distortion.

Speakers- The bigger the room, the more speakers you will need.

Spacing- Electronics will produce heat and a lot of heat could cause bad things to happen. Give electronics the room they need to breathe.

Viewing area- A screen placed in the center of the room is best for speaker placement and overall sound. Not to mention a good view for all of the viewers.


This first example is very probable. It has a nice look without all the excessive details.







Think comfort!!! Do you want to be able to recline or even lay down?







This next example is very laid back, but still very well put together and thought out.







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