Although Halloween is one of the most anticipated nights for kids all year, it is important to think about safety. We know your family’s safety is your primary concern. With that said it is also our main concern. Did you know that twice as many pedestrian children are killed while walking on Halloween compared to all other nights. That is a scary statistic! But you shouldn’t have to feel fearful as you host a fun get-together or as your children go trick-or-treating. That’s why it’s important to be informed and take the proper precautions to promote safety, so we wanted to pass along some safety tips so you and you family can have a safe and fun Halloween!

 As a Parent/Caregiver:

  • All children should be supervised by an adult.
  • Choose fire-resistant materials and bright-colors for costumes.
  • Put emergency identification on your child’s costume or around their wrist.
  • Include their name, phone number, and address in case they become separated from you.
  • Add reflective tape to costumes and treat bags, especially if the costume is a dark color.
  • Check the ingredients of all face paint or makeup confirming it is “made with U.S. approved colored additives,” “laboratory tested,” “non-toxic,” or “meets federal standards for safe cosmetics.”
  • Don’t drink and drive or drink prior to walking around your neighborhood.

As a Trick-or-Treater:

  • Always trick-or-treat with an adult chaperone.costumes
  • Be careful when crossing streets, even in your own neighborhood. Rather than cutting through yards, use designated crosswalks and always look both ways before your feet leave the sidewalk.
  • Wear a comfortable costume and shoes with a solid tread to prevent slipping.
  • Only trick-or-treat at homes with the lights on.
  • Carry a flashlight with new batteries.
  • Remove masks when walking from house to house.
  • Wait to eat your treats until you get home. That way, parents and caregivers can inspect the loot and throw away any suspicious-looking goodies.
  • Be sure to call 911 in the event of an emergency.

As a Homeowner/Renter:

  • Make sure your home is well-lit and visitors can find their way to your front door safely.
  • Clear any tripping hazards from your yard and walkways, even if you’re not participating in trick-or-treating.
  • Make any necessary repairs to handrails and steps, or block off the areas if they can’t be fixed right away.
  • Remove pumpkins and other decorations from walkways so they won’t be touched or knocked over.
  • Keep all pets restrained properly.
  • If you’re having a party, don’t serve alcohol to minors.
  • Offer spooky Halloween Mocktails to the designated drivers at your party.


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