It is the most wonderful time of the year here in Louisville! While you are busy planning your Derby party for your adult friends, why not take a moment to plan some fun things for the kids in attendance at the party as well!

Here are some ideas to get you started!

Kid Friendly Mint Juleps!

Mint Julep for kids



You might want to make extra of these special mint juleps, the adults are likely to indulge in these as well!





Chalkboard Horse Place-settings. 

Chalkboard Paint Horses These chalkboard paint horses are perfect for place settings for both kids and adults! Grab some inexpensive plastic horses and a can of chalkboard spray paint and go to town! Once you have covered them with paint and have allowed them to dry completely grab a chalkboard pen and write your guest’s names on the horses!



Bow Tie Napkins 

Bowtie napkinsThe Derby is all about fashion and nothing says Derby like bow ties! Grab some pretty napkins and make bow tie napkins for your silverware! A pretty ribbon or piece of card stock for the middle will hold things together nicely!




Pool Noodle Horse Races 

Pool Noodle HorseThese “horses” will stir up some friendly competition, have your guest make their best version of a horse and hold races to see who is the fastest!




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