It’s always difficult for renters to figure out the best way to secure their homes. After all, their property isn’t theirs, so installing any sort of security system is off limits. Mounting anything to the windows is definitely a no go, and replacing their doors/locks is probably not going to happen. What is the best way for renters to secure their home? We have 4 tips to help you.

Safe Deposit Box– No matter the effort you go through to keep your home safe, it’s always a possibility that it could still be burglarized. It’s a good idea to invest in a safe deposit box off site of your home instead of leaving jewelry you don’t wear often in a jewelry box; or cash in a drawer. Even if you have a safe with a lock, it doesn’t stop a theft from taking the whole safe out with them and then later getting into it.

Video Doorbell– Since being a renter halts you from installing a security system with wires, and many other things, a video doorbell is the next best. A video doorbell can be accessed through your smart phone, anywhere, anytime. You can see who is at your door at any given time, even if you are unsure they rang the doorbell or not. It helps gives peace of mind when there is uncertainty.

Cover the Windows and Doors– Cover your doors and windows, plain and simple. When you’re not home, don’t allow others to be able to see inside. If a burglar knows someone isn’t home, they are more likely to strike. If your door has an open area of glass, look into a tinted door frame and problem solved!

Get a Dog! – If you don’t already, a dog is a great source of security. They can hear better than we can, and can also scare away most threats. Make sure your apartment or landlord approves them and that all fees or paperwork is filled out.

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