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Tech Tip: Use of IR Flashers

When I used an IR repeater kit for the first time, I was amazed at the “magic” of how it works. Many of our customers are as well, and our consultants use this to impress them with our ability to hide all of the boxes to clean up a room. This simple little box can be...

Tech Tip: Response Times from CMS

Some of you have asked about our third party CMS response times. So here they are from the past few years.  2012 Total Telephone Calls:  1,648,680 2012 Total Telephone Calls over 60 second hold:  21 2013 Total Telephone Calls:  1,653,877 2013 Total Telephone Calls...

Tech Tip: CO2 Detectors

A small chemistry lesson: CO2, or Carbon Dioxide is a naturally occurring compound in our atmosphere. It is taken in by plants, who put off O2 (Oxygen) in return. While this gas is not beneficial, it is not harmful to humans or animals in the small naturally occurring...

Tech Tip: 120VAC Smoke interface

After further testing both in the field, and in our shop, it has been determined that the FireFighter device is difficult to test on Zone Type 16. It has also been found that it has its own built-in delay, which may eliminate the need for a 16 vs. a 9. We have...

Tech Tip: Setting Up Camera Views

  When setting up camera views, a customer will often ask for a wide-angel view to see as much as possible. Unfortunately, a wide view will give a picture with no detail. An analogy is watching a football game: If you zoom out to see the whole field, you can see...