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Tech Tip: New Construction Boxes

  Which box do we use?   The good-old blue box is standard, but is difficult when running multiple wires, particularly A/V wires. It is important to note that a Volume Control will NOT fit into a blue box with the wires attached.  The orange box is m our favorite, but...

Tech Tip: Cat5e & Cat6 installation

“Category-5 enhanced” cable (or Cat5e) and cat6 are types of “Unshielded Twisted Pair” (or UTP) wire. In other words, there are 4 pairs or twisted wires. The magic of UTP is that the twists have noise immunity.   If you think about it, an antenna on your car or the...

Tech Tip: Alarmnet Signal Strength Test

  To test the signal level on an AlarmNet radio, our technicians use the alpha-numeric keypad (programmer) to access the radio data as follows: Go into *29       Pres 1* (to indicate you have a GSM) Press 2* (for diagnostics) Press “D” 5 to read the signal strength...

Tech Tip: Glass Breakage Sensor Types

  One question we hear a lot is ” What protects me from a robber breaking a window and coming in that way?” An added bonus to our security systems is a glass break sensor. These can be used on windows and/or doors. Our company standard Intellisense FG1625...

Tech Tip: Power with a Battery

When our tech goes out to a new construction site to do a trim out, we soon realize there is not power and we cannot finish the job. What we normally do in that case is still finish all connections, programming, and testing all sensors. Unfortunately, due to the...