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Safety Tip: Securing Sliding Doors

Sliding doors, also known as French doors are a very popular rear entrance that we see on many homes. A lot of customers want to know the best way to secure them. The best deterrent is of course a security system with motion detectors but we always say that if a...

Reasons Why you Need a Home Security System Part 4

Reason #4 – To Control Your Home Remotely Have you ever had that panic moment of whether of not you turned on the alarm system, or turned off all the lights?? Now there’s an app for that, in a manner of speaking. Most home security systems can alert you...

Reasons Why you Need a Home Security System Part 3

Reason #3 – To get a Discount on your Home Insurance On top of being a burglar-deterrent, installing a home security system could also help lower the premium on your home insurance – and by a pretty penny at that. Some companies may cut your premiums by as...