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Tax Time: Getting the Most Deductions

For many January starts the count down to tax day. If April 15th always sneaks up on you, you can probably use all the tips you can get when it comes to doing your taxes, even more so if you own your own business. Did you know there is a plethora of extra deductions...

Reasons Why you Need a Home Security System Part 3

Reason #3 – To get a Discount on your Home Insurance On top of being a burglar-deterrent, installing a home security system could also help lower the premium on your home insurance – and by a pretty penny at that. Some companies may cut your premiums by as...

Safety Tips: Trash

They pick trash… It might seem extreme but yes, potential burglars DO pick trough your trash. It might seem convenient, but taking your trash out the night before trash day gives the bad guys time to see what you bought last week. People love to flaunt what they...