Speaker Systems

Picture 334If heart-pounding, hair-raising sound is what you are looking for in whole house audio; then Hawkeye Security and electronics will “blow you away” with our speaker product line.  Some of the major brands we specialize in installing include: KEF, Niles, Proficient, Boston Acoustics, Klipsch, Sunfire, Russound, Stealth Acoustics, and many more.

Hawkeye’s CEDIA certified specialists will custom design a whole house audio system that showcases the highs and lows of your favorite multimedia.

Stealth Acoustics is one of the newest product lines to Hawkeye Security and Electronics whole house audio lineup.










Stealth Acoustic speakers deliver unprecedented full-range sound and are the perfect solution for completely concealed multi-room audio, home theater or high performance two channel listening systems. These speakers may be installed in either the wall or ceiling and finished with paint or wallpaper to match the rest of your decor. The result, a speaker that is completely invisible.rock speaker

Want to enjoy our music in the great outdoors? We can also install weatherproofed, exterior rock speakers that resemble landscape rocks in your garden. These guys Rock!

We also offer a variety of other speaker options. Some of these include:

Recessed In-Wall Speaker
For home sound distribution
Recessed In-Ceiling Speaker
For home sound distribution
Recessed In-Wall Speaker Recessed In-Ceiling Speaker
Recessed In-Ceiling Angled LCR Speaker
Angled speaker used to direct sound to a listeners seat
Recessed In-Wall LCR Speaker
Double midrange speaker used for theater applications or home applications with a subwoofer
Recessed In-Ceiling Angled LCR Speaker Recessed In-Wall LCR Speaker