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Security Solutions

Hawkeye Security and Electronics is a different type of Security Solutions and home security systems company. We’re the only locally owned and operated security company that offers the reliability of a national monitoring service along with the personal attention that only a local service company can provide. What do we mean by personal attention?  Here, let us show you.

Personalized, Honest Service

First of all, the lead technician owns and manages the company. We don’t hire a persuasive, uninformed salesperson that makes big promises just to get your business. The person you talk to on the phone is the person that will be installing your system, so you’ll be able to ask all the technically-oriented questions and get detailed, educated answers.

Secondly, we evaluate each house individually and customize your security system for your particular situation and needs. But doesn’t every security company do that? Not like us.

Customized Security Solutions

Every building is different and has different needs based on its construction and vulnerabilities, not to mention the level of security the owner would like to install. Rather than selling a cookie-cutter system to every customer, Hawkeye Security and Electronics takes it to the next level. We take the extra effort to design a custom system that meets all your needs. This can include door/window protection, motion detection, glass breakage sensors, fire protection, Carbon Monoxide alerts, and flood notification.

And hey, while we’re wiring up all these security features, why not install an automated lighting system that turns lights on when you walk into your house and turns them all off when you leave? You could save hundreds in electrical bills! Plus, our systems are modular; they can be expanded with more features or to more areas at any point in the future.

Simplistic Operation

But even the best security system will be useless if, for example, the owner can’t figure out how to turn the whole thing on. Our security systems and solutions are designed to distill all the complicated, sensitive equipment and features down into an easy, convenient operation. We’ll install multiple keypads if you have more than one commonly used entrance to the house. We’ll hook you up with keyfob remotes that can remotely activate or deactivate the system. These features aren’t that expensive to add onto our systems and can save you a lot of trouble in the long run. And to make sure you fully understand how your system works, we’ll train you on how to use it properly.

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