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Home Exterior Security Tips

Home Exterior Security Tips

These tips might seem simple and routine but it never hurts to double and triple check to make sure that everything is the way it should be when you are leaving your home.

Exterior Security

  1. Make sure the garage is secured after every use.
  2. Be sure all garage doors are locked when leaving the house. I have been known to leave mine standing wide open!
  3. Get into the habit of always locking your car door when you come home at night. Take valuables inside!
  4. Bicycles and motorcycles should be secured or locked away safe.
  5. If you own ladders make you these are all secured or locked away. There is nothing like leaving ladders out for easy break ins!
  6. Install exterior security floodlighting that works with a motion sensor.
  7. Be sure any outdoor lighting is switched on in the evening.
  8. So an emergency service can find your house in an emergency, make sure your house number or name is clearly visible
  9. Imagine you have locked yourself out – how easily could you break in? Fix any weaknesses that can allow an easy entry for the burglar.

These are just a few tips but they might be the difference between keeping your home safe and having a break in happen! As always call Hawkeye Security for extra protection!