Sound Distribution / Whole House Audio

Hawkeye Security and Electronics carries the highest quality products for sound distribution and our installation professionals are experts in finding the right sound distribution channels for your home.

Sound DistributionRussound CAA and CAS - Whole House Audio

Sound distribution through audio visual design is the way of the future. By wiring your home for this feature, you will have the ability to listen to music throughout the home from individually controlled speakers. Imagine having sound and control at your fingertips whether you are getting ready in the morning in the bathroom, entertaining guests for a house party, or lounging on the back deck or by the pool. The home audio system can even be configured to distribute video sources to match your sound sources. This allows you to hide those black boxes (DVD players, cable TV /Satellite boxes) and listen and view them from remote rooms. IR repeating technology allows you to control the source units from other rooms as if they were in the room with you.

A-Bus - Sound DistributionA-BUS® self-amplified system is the easiest way to enjoy music throughout your home. Designed for simplicity and exceptional ease of use, it’s more convenient to use than any stereo system you’ve ever owned. Using a revolutionary technology, A-BUS sends power and stereo music to amplified keypads or volume controls throughout your home, extending your audio system to as many rooms as you choose. A-BUS—the simple, elegant and affordable way to bring music and system control to any room.


Russound CAA and CAS - Whole House AudioRussound CAA and CAS Centrally Amplified Systems provide more power, higher quality and more flexibility, and more control than the A-bus system. Music anywhere you want it, at the touch of a button. That’s what you get with a Russound CAA66 Controller Amplifier solution. Classical in the bedroom, rock in the den and salsa in the kitchen. A multiroom system for everyone that delivers music to match your mood, and a cost to fit your wallet.

Adjust the bass, treble, balance, loudness and volume from elegantly designed keypad options for one-touch control of home audio. The system supports up to three keypads per zone, available in five colors, that fit perfectly in any Decora® plate.

The CAA66 can be daisy-chained, easily expanding up to 36 zones for any size home or budget. It includes extensive infrared command codes and learning capabilities, making remote and keypad control of the system as simple as pressing a button.

With advanced features, simplified programming, audio playback adjustments and extensive expandability, the CAA66 is the only choice for affordable excellence in multiroom audio.

Visit our Interactive Demo page, turn up your speakers, and see how it works.


Russound CAM and CAV  - Whole House AudioRussound CAM and CAV RNET® home audio systems are rich with features for your convenience and enjoyment. Preset buttons on the keypads give you access to favorite programs. Bass, treble, loudness, and balance controls let you tweak the sound to your liking. Party Mode and Do Not Disturb let you put the music exactly where you want it.

With RNET on board, the UNO keypads and touch screens in our CAM and CAV systems show you what’s playing on our SMS3 Smart Media Server and our ST2-Series Smart Tuners in real time.

RNET is a Russound technology that allows our Smart components to talk to each other. For you, this means all your Russound components are easy to use. For your installer, RNET speeds design and system configuration, saving time and money.

Visit our  Interactive Demo page, turn up your speakers, and see how it works.