CCTV Closed Circuit TV

868Hawkeye Security and Electronics offers closed circuit tv security (CCTV) camera systems for the following applications:

  • Residential home monitoring including nanny-cam and perimeter monitoring
  • Retail applications for loss prevention
  • Commercial applications for asset and production monitoring

Our systems include the following standard features:

  • Recording to a hard-drive DVR recording device
  • Discrete, unobtrusive cameras
  • Professional installation, programming, and support
  • Remote viewing via computer or select smart phones including iPhone, Blackberry, and Droid
  • Secure viewing for multiple viewers simultaneously
  • Remote viewing requires a broadband Internet connection and a router with an available port. May also require additional setup charges

Other optional features include:

  • Public View Monitors
  • Ability to interface with existing Cable-TV or Satellite systems for viewing

Bullet IR camera

Bullet style high-resolution camera with infra-red (IR) illuminators



Intensifier Ultra-resolution camera

Intensifier Ultra-resolution varifocal camera





The Ecor series offers H.264 compression format for efficient disk storage and network bandwidth conservation. The ECOR264 X1 series also supports GUI menu, HTTP streaming for live mobile monitoring, smart & snapshot search, express configurations, etc. Available in 4, 9 or 16 channels with optional built-in DVD burner, recording rates of up to 120 images per second at full resolution and hard drives ECOR DVRup to 2 TeraBytes.

The Paragon series expands capabilities to include up to 16-channels of audio, 480 images per second, HDMI output and hard drive storage of up to 8 teraBytes.