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The Come Back Kid: Over the Top Home Theaters

startreckoverthetopAsk a man what he wants for Christmas and a man cave is provably high on his list. While there is always a market for custom home theaters as Hawkeye does, they definitely took a hit during the recession, but are rising in popularity for the first time since the economic downturn.  Over the top home theaters are making a come back. Statistics from the American Institute of Architects found in  2007, 23.8% of residential architects surveyed said home theaters as the most popular special function room among their clients. Their popularity steadily declined until 2013, when only 4.1% of architects said they were popular.  As many in our industry will tell you home theaters are slowly reaching the top of the must have list in new higher end homes. And we are ready to serve those clients’ needs.

Read the whole article here from Forbes magazine and see some of the quirkiest over the top home theaters.